Shantel Liu is the founder of Evergain Funds Limited. Prior to founding Evergain, Shantel has worked in Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) and Morgan Stanley (Hong Kong) with extensive experience in the field of private equity investment. Shantel has an excellent track record of successful investments and funding.

Her portfolio companies include: Luminar, Carbon, Che300, Real Pet Food Company (Australia), Weimob, Lushu, Yuelin and Fever EDM.

The investment and management team of the Company are currently led and responsible by another two experienced responsible officers.


Leveraging our managements’ strong research capacity and business experience covering equities, fixed income and private equity investments, our strategies focus on identifying market mispricing opportunities based on fundamental analysis. We build a portfolio comprising of asset classes that aims to generate strong long-term risk-adjusted returns for our valuable clients.


As Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing so elegantly explained: “In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine. ” The price movement of securities are governed by two forces: market sentiment and company fundamentals. And the stock price always fluctuates around its intrinsic value which is determined by company fundamentals. Therefore, creating opportunities for the investors who focus on the company fundamentals to “buy low, sell high”. At Evergain, we are a visionary thinker who take a contrarian attitude. Through analyzing company fundamentals from both quantitative and qualitative aspects, we are determined to deliver long-term risk adjusted returns for our valuable clients.